Content is king, but creating quality content is a lot of work

Here is a simple hack to create valuable content without writing a single word.

Here is a simple hack in 9 steps.

Before anything, the goal of this hack is simple:

  1. To maximize your time to create one piece of content, you can easily create without writing and turn that into a lot of other content
  2. To save you time in coming up with what to create content on
  3. To create contents that show you as an expert and authority in what you do

Now, let’s get into it.

Step 1: Find The Top 100 Podcasts In Your Niche

Take note of the new ones with less than 10 episodes and interview-styled podcasts.

If you have a big audience and have appeared on many podcasts before, you can go for the big ones with many episodes.

Busy right?

You can hire Someone on Upwork or Fiverr to do this for you

Step 2: Listen To At Least One Episode Of Their Past Episodes Or Look At Their Past Episodes To See What The Host Likes To Talk About.

Once again, you can hire someone to do this for you.

Step 3: Make Some Notes Of the following:

  1. Topics you can talk about as a guest
  2. One cool tip, strategy, or hack that you have been working for you that you can share with the host’s audience
  3. Two to three questions you know the host audience will love to have answers for based on what the host has been talking about with other guests.

You need these to come as a value-giver to the hosts, not a value-taker.

I get at least 5 podcast guest pitches weekly, most of which are value-seeking.

I ignore all these pitches after reading them

Podcast hosts are not dumping grounds for your ego-seeking.

They need content and quality content at that.

If you can prove you can deliver great and valuable content for their audience, you will get more yes than no.

So you want to lead with value while pitching.

Step 4: Write A Simple Email And Send It To The Hosts Of Each Of These Podcasts

As a podcast host who always gets pitches, here are tips to help you send a good guest pitch.

  1. Make It Simple And Personalized.

Podcast hosts are human, and they want to know you have taken some time to know what they are doing and understand what they want

  1. Compliments Won’t Hurt.

I love when someone pitches me and gives me an honest compliment that I know isn’t generic or templated.

For example, someone sent me an email once.

He complimented my website font (which was weird).

He got a yes because he had a great story I believed I would like to share with my listeners.

  1. Make It Short, Not Boring, And Straight To The Point.
  2. Answer One Big Question: What Is In For The Host And Their Audience
  3. Address The Host By Name. People Like Their Names A Lot. Use That To Your Advantage

Follow these 5 tips to write your pitch.

Step 5: Send Your Pitch

Step 6: Follow Up.

We all get busy a lot of time and have many emails to check, but with many other important stuffs that need my attention.

Follow up and then again follow-up

Step 7: If You Get A Yes, Show Up And Give Your Best For The Hosts And Their Audience.

Does it matter if the hosts have a big audience or not?

That’s surely not your priority.

You are showing up as guests on these podcasts to:

  1. Rack up a lot of media mentions and maybe a backlink to your site (is that still a thing in 2023?), and maybe get some mentions when your name is Googled.

This Google thing is something I am working on this year to fix.

I want my name to be mentioned in many places when Someone Googles my name.

The size of their audience is irrelevant here.

  1. You want to get better at adding value without asking for anything. This stacks up fast if you do this.
  2. Ultimately, you want to create content for your host, brand, and yourself, all at once. I will show you how to do that.

Step 8: Follow Up With Hosts After Your Interview.

When your interview is live, politely ask for the edited video and audio files.

If unavailable, you can use the file the hosts uploaded on their sites or podcast hosts.

Step 9: Take Those Video Or Audio Files And Repurpose Them Into Shorter Forms Of Content.

I mean short video clips, audiograms, quotes, short posts, etc.

Also, don’t forget to share the crap from the interview to give the host some publicity.

Podcast hosts spend their time and money to record and produce these podcast interviews.

Show your host some love by sharing it on all platforms you have a presence on.

Shout out to Jade and Elizabeth Galperin, who did a great job doing this for my interviews.

Step 9: Rinse And Repeat These Steps, And You Will Have More Content To Share For Your Audience And Followers Than You Ever Need.

This is a simple hack to create valuable content without writing anything.

We talk a lot more than we write, and this works well for most people because it’s easier to talk about what we know, love, and are passionate about than write about them.

A 30-minute interview can give you much more written, image, video, and audio content than you can come up with if you produce them individually.

It’s just a simple hack that utilizes your time for more results.

Months before sharing this, I haven’t got need podcast guesting some months before now, but right now, I am implementing this hack to tap into all the 3 benefits I mentioned earlier, which this hack will give you.

So I am drinking my cool-aid.

And I will publicly share my results on my timeline here and on my blog.

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