I worry so much about podcasters who jumped on the podcasting bandwagon for one reason or another.

They have been told podcasting is the coolest thing to do.

They get the latest podcasting mic and maybe recording gadgets, and off they go.

That’s another Podcaster signed, sealed, and delivered into the podcasting bandwagon

But some episodes down the line, the motivation to get going keep going down…


It comes to a time when they don’t want to have anything to do with recording new episodes again.

And then they move on.

That’s another Podfade signed, sealed, and delivered!

Three times in the past, I have experienced “podfading.”

Two times out of these three times, my downloads number is good.

I am getting subscribers.

And I even made it to the then-famed iTunes New and Noteworthy, beating Gary Vee and John Lee Dumas for a spot on that chart.

But I made $0 from all 3 podcasts.

That’s 5 months of work and many hours wasted, all for nothing.

But in June 2022, I started my fourth Podcast.

I had zero audiences.

I started with a zero email list.

I don’t even have any connections to start with.

Seven episodes were shipped out in two weeks to get the Podcasting blood flowing again in my veins.

In those two weeks, I’ve made $7.2k from my Podcast.

I only had 502 downloads when I checked my Podcast analytics.

I’ve made $25k in revenue in the first two months from my new Podcast.

That’s enough for me to hire more hands to take care of the details I don’t want to worry about.

And for the first time, I made it past publishing 30 episodes.

That’s a first in my many years of podcasting.

In Early 2023, I hit the 50 episodes milestone.

Podcasting is now a fun thing to do.

No more “podfade.”

I am bringing in cash for my business from my Podcast.

I don’t even have to worry about building many things most Podcaster have to worry about.

With this kind of income from podcasting, I have enough motivation to show up, invite people I choose to have conversations with and have fun conversations with them.

If little can help, more surely will cure.

If you were in my shoes, would you want to stop attending a party that keeps bringing in cash for you?

Not e anyways.

I will do more and even find ways to get more.

If you’re the curious one like me, you might wonder what’s that thing that changed in my podcasting system that chased podfade away from my vocabulary and brought me such results.

Before you ask

I will tell you one thing I did – different from what I did those three times; I failed at making money from my podcasts.

I only focus on what most podcasters ignore.

That’s what I did.

Those three times, I focused on stuff like how big my download, review, and subscriber counts were.

I was focusing on what’s the best hosting option to use

And also the best mic to use.

I now have a better and more expensive mic at that – all paid for from income from my Podcast.

I only now focus on how to get revenue for my business through my Podcast.

And by the way, I have no external sponsor.

I have just one sponsor, and that’s my business!

And I don’t have any ads on my episodes.

I hardly even talk about myself.

But why?

My Podcast isn’t about me.

It’s also not about my business.

It’s about one person.

Wondering what that one person is,