One Of My Most Important Podcasting Secrets

I don’t have a degree in podcasting.

That’s why I’m good at it.

How do I know?

80% of my guests complimented me with the same remark.

“You are a great interviewer. You ask good questions.”

I wasn’t born with a podcasting skill.

I’m an English speaker but not a native one.

I even have a non-English accent.

But I am good at something.

I’m so much interested in my guests.

I am so much curious to get to know them.

I asked questions.

The answers then lead me to want to know more.

Then I ask follow-up questions.

I love talking and am super opinionated (my wife can’t get enough of this)

But while interviewing my guests, I keep my mouth shut.

I want to make my guests the stars of my show.

It’s all about them for those 30 to 40 minutes.

Not about me.

And for my trouble of keeping shut, I made $25k in less than two months of making my guests the star of the show.

I started my first 40 episodes with a script.

Today, I’ve thrown away my script.

I ask questions.

Then I shut up.

This, my friend, is one of my most important podcasting secrets.

But most podcasters get this wrong.

Their podcasts are all about them and their business.

Mine isn’t about me or my business.

But it feeds my business with quality leads and even amazing clients.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Of course, it does.

That’s how I roll with podcasting.


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